90-Day Quarantine Transformation and Reverse Dieting

90 Days of Quarantine and No Gym #StraightOuttaQuarantine

Just finished 90 days of my cut and dropped 13 lbs. Ending the cut now and will be reverse dieting up to maintenance in the next few weeks.

The Importance of Setting Goals and Timeframes:

It’s easy for me to keep cutting and get leaner. But, realistically, I don’t have enough muscle mass to get super deep cuts. And I’m starting to feel hungrier, not as satiated, and my motivation for training is low. I also feel a bit more irritable and tired AF when I come back from long walks. All signs that I’ve gotten to where I want to be. (These are normal BTW, especially when you get lean.)

When I started bulking last fall, I said I’d start cutting in March. And when I started cutting, I said I wouldn’t take it past June.

It’s easy to get stuck in forever-bulks and forever-cuts. This is for guys who bulk to the point they’re afraid to cut because they’ll feel “small”. This is also for guys who get stuck cutting because they don’t want to lose their abs, so they never put on size.

Set timeframes and stick to it. Realize the goal is long term. It’s not blood, sweat, and tears. But blood, sweat, and YEARS.

If you’re cutting now, remember that you’re getting lean so you have a great base to put muscle on when you get back to bulking.

The goal is to come back with more muscle than last time.

I can definitely see differences compared to where I was last year. It’s always a plus to see the fruits of your labor!

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